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Flipping Georgia Houses

Grant Garab #

Grant Garab

About Grant Garab #

Co-Owner of & Retired Marine

As a retired Marine with over sixteen years of service to our nation, I, Grant Garab, have always been driven by dedication and resilience. In 2019, a life-changing motorcycle accident shifted my focus towards new goals and aspirations, both for myself and my family.

The Turning Point #

Overcoming Adversity & Finding New Purpose

The near-fatal collision that left me confined to a wheelchair for eight months, enduring over a dozen surgeries, offered me a unique opportunity for reflection. During this challenging period, I pondered my future and that of my wife and our three sons.

A New Chapter #


With retirement from the Marine Corps approaching and years of experience in assisting homeowners, I founded This venture was a culmination of my journey and experiences, combining my commitment to service with a newfound passion for real estate.

Our Mission at #

Commitment to Customers & Community

At, our primary goal is to create beneficial outcomes for everyone involved in the buying and selling of properties. We prioritize our clients' needs, ensuring that each real estate challenge is met with a viable and effective strategy. Our mission extends beyond transactions; we aim to build lasting relationships and become a trusted partner in your real estate journey.

Grant's Promise #

Fairness, Honesty, and Respect in Real Estate

In every interaction, I am committed to fairness, honesty, and respect. My approach is to always act with integrity, maintain a positive attitude, and strive for win-win solutions. I understand the difficulties some face in real estate and pledge to be a supportive and effective ally in addressing these challenges.

Let's Work Together #

Grant Garab & Family: A Partnership You Can Trust

Together with my wife and children, I am dedicated to making a symbol of trust and efficacy in the real estate market. We invite you to join us in this journey, where your needs are our top priority.